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Hi. I’m Nina MacNamara.

I’m an author, publisher, and podcaster. My books are Icarus and A Bitter Spring. I co-host the Pop Medieval podcast with my friend, Dr. Richard Scott Nokes. I am the co-founder of Witan Publishing, an academic publishing company.

If you can’t tell from my very northern accent, I’m originally from Detroit, MI — where the weather is cold and the people are colder. Today, I live in the Atlanta area where the temperature is much hotter and the people are warmer, but that accent stayed. I live with two cat roommates and a spoiled little dog.

When I’m not writing, podcasting, or working on someone else’s book, I’m hiking in the Georgia mountains, cooking in my Instant Pot, or trying to learn the clarinet.

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These are my novels.

Untitled Upcoming Project
Coming soon!

A Bitter Spring
Published: 2012
“It’s like carrying around a backpack. It’s heavy and it’s on your shoulders. It hurts. It weighs you down.”

Published: 2011
“Man versus machine. Anarchy versus order. Power versus love.”


Q. Didn’t you once publish under Nina Scaletti?

A: Yes! That was my pen name. I stopped going by it in 2015 because I was tired of it. Since then, I’ve been using MacNamara.

Q: Why aren’t you on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram/[insert social media thing here]?

A: I was, but then I left a few years ago (*cough cough* 2016) Those sites are terrible. I could wax philosophical about it, but ultimately, it just sucks. No dramatic story, no flouncing, no burn out, just closed up shop and left. I have my own Mastodon server, which is similar to tweeting, just on my own terms. I still post on Pinterest, which is dumb but harmless. If I have something to say, I post it to my website.

Q: Do you have a day job?

A: Yep. Most authors do. Very few authors pull in Stephen King levels of money. Until that happens (that would be awesome but unlikely), I have an 8-5, which I don’t talk about due to disclosure issues. Also, my opinions don’t necessarily represent my day job, and that includes the dumb opinions I have, like, believing you should spread jam on toast with a spoon, not a knife.