Remember: Video Games ARE Art

I happen to LOVE hbomberguy’s (verbose and hilarious) video essays about media, but I loved this latest one about Fall Out: New Vegas. He goes into how the game designers at Obsidian wrote the quests to be both fun and discoverable, which was a welcome change from Fall Out 3. This just goes to show writing is the greatest draw of roleplaying games like the FO series: if its not great, your game suffers. Now, I want to play!

Confession: I could not get past 10 or 12 hours of Fall Out 3. I hated it. In fact, I’m not a Bethesda fan at all, and yeah, that includes Skyrim (don’t hit me). I feel like every single game is the exact same carbon copy of another Bethesda game just with different graphics and setting. I didn’t even realize Obsidian took over New Vegas (and in 18 months!) from Bethesda — that’s why I was so hesitant to give it a chance all this time.

FYI: YouTube is a cesspool of ads and other bullshit, so you really should be watching hbomberguy and other really good artists on Nebula. That’s where I watched him but I can’t link out to it.

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